Why is it crucial to have experience with customers?

Customer relations should never be underestimated. It is now at the heart of corporate strategies, as it addresses many issues and contributes fully to business development by increasing sales and building customer loyalty, among other things.

Although the work can be difficult, the rewards are unequaled. Not only does working in customer service mean that you are the face of the company, which is an interesting responsibility in itself, but it also allows you to make a real contribution to improving people’s lives.


1.You will improve and develop several skills

When you work in customer service, you often have to wear several hats at the same time. In your daily work you have to be operational and know how to use several different skills.

In addition, it also allows you to acquire new skills that will be very useful in your future career, such as: attention, patience, communication, organization, multitasking and others.


2.You will be an expert in problem solving

It is obvious that problem solving (more or less technical) is the bread and butter of the job. Whether we are talking about a quick fix or a multi-step process, in order to solve each case you will need to apply your human skills, creative thinking and expertise.

This problem-solving ability (fast, diplomatically and efficiently) is crucial in any job, whether it is in customer service or not. It is the lifeblood of prioritization, project management and conflict resolution. All these skills are necessary to manage a team, achieve your goals or simply get promoted.


3. Many possibilities for progression

Once you have entered the customer service environment, there are many opportunities for growth. If you think that there are no opportunities for development in customer service, you are very much mistaken. If there is one thing that all companies have in common, it is satisfying their customers and building loyalty. This sector is characterized by a wide variety of jobs, including:

  • the customer relations manager, who defines and implements the strategy and monitors its results using performance indicators
  • the team manager, who manages a team in order to achieve the objectives set
  • the quality manager, who proposes action plans to improve the quality of services
  • the community manager, whose objective is to animate and unite a community on social networks
  • the telemarketer, who is none other than a salesperson who works remotely, not in the field
  • the training manager, who determines a training policy to develop the skills of employees 


4. Free training courses

The vast majority of companies that recruit customer service offer free training to all their employees. Whether it’s initial or ongoing training, it will allow you to add more strings to your bow.

There are also many companies that invest in the development of their employees by offering more specific training (such as marketing, management, sales, training, etc.), which will not cost the employee anything. This is a very good option to further develop your communication skills or other skills.

Moreover, you can also train on the use of specific software that will be beneficial for your future (such as Amadeus, Zendesk, among others).


5. Bonuses in addition to salary

Depending on the type of project and position, working in customer service you can also get very interesting monthly and annual bonuses. If it is a more sales-oriented position, the bonuses will of course be higher. However, many customer services that do not require sales also offer bonuses based on customer satisfaction and other KPIs.


6. Mastering different communication channels

Nowadays, customer service is not just about the phone, but rather about using different support channels. You will therefore be working with your customers by phone in the morning, by email in the afternoon or even by chat for simple questions. With this, you will eventually master the art of numeric communication.

Here are different support channels: 

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Social networks
  • Forums
  • Chat
  • SMS

Knowing how to communicate effectively on these various platforms will allow you to build relationships with people of various backgrounds and ages, who you haven’t met in person. A very useful skill!


7. Working with a multicultural team

It can’t be said enough, working in a multicultural environment has only benefits.

Customer support teams are not all of the same nationality, cultural background and are made up of different personalities with unique perspectives. Every day you will learn something new about your colleagues when you work on a project together.

Being exposed to a range of different perspectives is very useful in your career development. You may find solutions to problems you never knew existed, or change your mind about an issue after looking at it from another angle.

Not to mention the fact that working with people who come from another country than your own will allow you to discover new things about their culture, customs or habits. This will make you more open-minded and strengthen your general culture.


8. Build your own network

You don’t always think about it, but when you work in customer support you can quickly build up your own network of contacts.

You may not always have the answer to a customer’s question or you may have to share customer feedback with important stakeholders. To achieve all this you will have to draw on the knowledge of your colleagues. In doing so, you will create a network of colleagues with different skills from your own and thus create a network of new opportunities for professional growth and development.

Whether you aspire to a long-term career in customer support or are simply interested in getting your foot in the door of an emerging company, a job in customer support will provide you with valuable skills that you will always need in your career.

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